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Sumio Hoka Sumio Hoka

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Saga International Heavy Ion Cancer Treatment

 Known as SAGA HIMAT, this is Kyushu's first heavy-ion cancer treatment facility, opened in 2013 in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture. It is also the first private heavy ion cancer treatment facility in Japan, created by the enthusiasm and solidarity of industry, academia, and government, which came together to build a groundbreaking treatment facility for cancer, the leading cause of death in Japan, in the Kyushu region. HIMAT is an acronym for "HI" (Heavy carbon Ion), "MA" (Medical Accelerator), and "T" (in Tosu).
 Heavy ion beam cancer therapy is a type of radiation therapy, characterized by its ability to irradiate only cancer lesions intensively and restrictively, causing almost no damage to normal tissues. The treatment can be performed without cutting the cancer lesion, and since it is an outpatient treatment, it is possible for patients to receive treatment while working, and it is also possible for the elderly and those with physical disabilities. Fortunately, this facility is located right in front of Shin-Tosu Station on the Shinkansen bullet train line and is only a three-minute walk from the station. Once inside the facility, patients can relax and receive treatment in a quiet and relaxing space with stained glass windows titled "Living in the Light" and a warm wooden interior.
 Although heavy-ion cancer therapy is not indicated for all cancers, the applicable range of organs and types of cancers has gradually expanded since the original advanced medical treatment regiment, through the expansion of public medical insurance coverage. Our facility has treated a total of over 8,000 cancer patients in the 10 years since its establishment, and the number of patients is increasing every year.
 As technological innovations continue to advance, the medical staff, including physicians, nurses, and radiology technicians, as well as all employees, will continue to work together to "provide gentle cancer treatment both on the mind and body" so that cancer patients can receive the latest and best treatment with peace of mind.
 Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Yoshiyuki Shioyama Yoshiyuki Shioyama


 Heavy-ion radiation therapy has excellent dose concentration to the tumors and is highly effective in killing cancer cells, so making it possible to provide treatment on an outpatient basis in a short period of time with less physical exhaustion and side effects.
 Initially started as an advanced medical treatment (Senshin-Iryo) in Japan, the efficacy and safety of heavy-ion radiation therapy were subsequently recognized, and it has been covered by public medical insurance since April 2016 for bone and soft tissue tumors, prostate cancer some head and neck malignancies since April 2018, and hepatocellular carcinoma with a diameter of 4 cm or more , intrahepatic bile duct cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer recurrence in the pelvis, and adenocarcinoma of the cervix since April 2022.
 We will continue to provide high-quality heavy-ion radiation therapy to more patients through collaboration and cooperation with medical institutions mainly in Kyushu.
 In addition, together with six other heavy-ion cancer treatment facilities in Japan, we will continue to accumulate treatment results based on a unified treatment policy and make further efforts to ensure that all cancer sites are covered by public medical insurance.
 Now that the treatment methods for cancer are diversifying, so patients are able to choose their treatment methods. We will strive to provide accurate information on heavy-ion radiotherapy and provide high-quality medical care so that patients will be glad they chose SAGA-HIMAT.