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State-of-the-art treatment spaces.

In contrast to the gigantic circular accelerator (synchrotron) measuring twenty meters in diameter used to generate the heavy ion beams used in treatment, the entrance areas and treatment rooms used by patients are welcoming spaces furnished with wood to provide a feeling of warmth and to help patients relax.


[Treatment areas]

  • Treatment Hall

    Treatment Hall

  • Treatment Room A

    Treatment Room A

  • Treatment Room B

    Treatment Room B

  • Treatment Room C

    Treatment Room C

SAGA HIMAT has three treatment rooms. In Treatment Room A, radiation can be applied horizontally or at a 45° angle, and Treatment Room B is equipped for bidirectional irradiation (both horizontal and vertical). We plan to introduce next-generation 3D scanning irradiation equipment in the third treatment room, Treatment Room C.

[Equipment Area]

  • Synchrotron(20m in diameter)

    Synchrotron(20m in diameter)

  • Linear accelerator

    Linear accelerator

Approximately half of the area of the building is occupied by equipment, in particular a circular accelerator called a synchrotron that measures 20 meters in diameter. The carbon ions are derived from methane gas in an apparatus known as the ion source. These carbon ions are first accelerated to approximately 9% of the speed of light in two linear accelerators. Next, the synchrotron is used to accelerate them to 70% of the speed of light - the level of energy required for treatment. The ion beams can then be sent to treatment rooms and irradiated to cancer lesions in patients.

[Waiting areas]

  • Reception/lobby


  • Stained glass installation

    Stained glass installation

  • Waiting area

    Waiting area

The interiors are finished in wood to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere. The stained glass installation entitled "Live in the Light" features green spaces overflowing with vibrant light and large trees.
The waiting area has been partitioned into five sections out of consideration for privacy. This space has a calm, soothing atmosphere and helps patients relax.