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Getting to SAGA HIMAT

Conveniently situated in front of Shin-Tosu Station on the Kyushu Shinkansen line in Tosu, Saga, SAGA HIMAT is ideally situated for easy access both from within Kyushu and other areas of Japan.
SAGA HIMAT is located near both major highways and major train lines.
It is immediately accessible via major expressways that connect cities and towns throughout Kyushu, and is only a short walk from Shin-Tosu Station on the JR Kyushu Shinkansen and Nagasaki Main lines.

[Getting to SAGA HIMAT]

  • By Shinkansen and Express trains (Shortest to Shin-Tosu Station)
    From Nagasaki Station
    Approx. 57min
  • By Shinkansen (the fastest train to Shin-Tosu Station)

    ★These times are subject to change and will depend on the train schedule.

    From Hakata Station
    Approx. 12min
    From Kumamoto Station
    Approx. 25min
    From Kagoshima-chuo Station
    Approx. 72min
    From Shin-Yamaguchi Station
    Approx. 50min
  • By Car
    From Nagasaki Expressway Tosu Interchange
    Approx. 10min
  • By Airplane
    From Fukuoka Airport by car
    Approx. 35min
    From Kyushu Saga International Airport by car
    Approx. 55min